designer & photographer


Jennie made her first website
in 2003, she’s gotten
a lot better at it since.

Bali, 2017

Bali, 2017


As a designer, Jennie values clarity and simplicity in beautiful work that serves both the needs of the user and business goals of the client. She is well versed in the key tools of the trade – Adobe Creative Suite and Sketch ~ check. Intuitive sense for typography, color, layout, art direction ~ check. Experience designing for all sorts of web experiences that’s responsive to any screen size or device ~ check. Print design and other ephemeral goodies ~ check. Jennie has the ability to collaborate with engineers on the build out of websites with a reasonable understanding of code and can also talk to your directors of marketing or sales about targeting and the funnel. Adaptability, grit, curiosity and killing the ego are some of the skills Jennie learned after years of professional work in a startup, advertising agency, and boutique design studios.

Have an opening for a designer on your team? Good thing Jennie just decided to return from a one year sabbatical traveling and doing lots of meditation, so she’s feeling super zen, recharged and inspired to work on your next awesome project. Send her a message to chat and she promises to stop talking about herself in third person by then.


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