Hello! I'm a designer currently based in San Francisco working at Intercom, following a three year stint in freezing Chicago.

It was after five years of pre-med studies when I realized I was meant to be a creative. From a young age I was always making art and design, teaching myself HTML & CSS at age 14 and spending hours tinkering my Geocities website (with very poorly written code). It was a passion that couldn’t be ignored.

Today, I strive to design with purpose, value my craft and have a penchant for lettering and typography (just ask about my right wrist). While I embrace the digital world and eat the Internet for breakfast, the tactile gratification of film photography and letterpress just can't be replaced by pixels on a screen for me. Being a designer has allowed me to see, think, and learn about the world through a different lens and satiate my perpetual curiosity. When not designing, I enjoy photography, cycling, practicing yoga, rock climbing, exploring the great outdoors and eating tasty food with friends.

Feel free to write me at: hello@jennie.li

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